Blue Company Example

Mobi Site Extra Options


Usually an introduction in this paragraph with the company credentials and history. Then more detail on your services or products.

Site Extras:

The section title buttons can be formatted with different colours and contoured corners to give an overlap effect with a colour gradient top-to-bottom of the button.

Background colour is variable with the option of a background image if you have a suitable company theme digital image.

An image gallery with fading, twirling or sliding photos from your own image library.

Offer Coupons can be added as an ongoing feature with a 'Redeem' button to be used at the point of sale. These can attract new customers to your business or boost repeat trade from previous customers who can be encouraged to check your mobi site frequently for these offers.

Link buttons can be used to take your visitor to any site on the internet including your mainsite. This can be a cost saving if you have existing functionality on your mainsite. Your mobile visitor can be easily directed to the relevant page rather than having to navigate a desktop-designed site. Examples would be large menus of meal choices or individual product price lists - such content and functionality can be built into your mobi site at extra cost if required.

More Content Options

To better engage your prospects why not add a Video or several videos to your site. Existing online videos can be featured to offer more company and product/service details.

Social is the buzz these days with more and more companies raising their online profile on Facebook etc. We can add a Social Button bar with the usaul social Icons directly linking to your media.

Repeat business costs nothing when you already have that customer, a screen App that can be downloaded to their phone screen gives them an easy method of revisiting your mobi site.

Extra contact Icons for your email mainsite and phone can be included in a Contact Us bar.


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